Are you heard when you speak? Or do you get the polite nod?

Often, we think we are not be heard or gaining the attention we think we deserve.

Ever feel that is the case? If so, pay attention to the multiple use of a pronoun…I…when you speak. Are you speaking or communicating from solely your own perspective? Seeing the world from the world of “I”? If so, you may be missing a huge opportunity.

When formulating a message – the theme and information that you want to tell others – it’s important to think about it from your audience’s perspective. While considering what you need to say is important, it is equally important to consider “why is it important to those you are speaking to?”

Consider this exercise.

I was working with a group of 10 senior leaders at a company. Our purpose was to update the company’s message platform. In a one-on-one interview prior to the workshop, I asked each participant what they thought the company stood for. Guess what happened? If you said you got 10 different answers, you’d be correct. I chalked this up to each having a unique perspective. But analyzing these answers actually gave me a more complete 360-view of the company and its issues.

I believe it is important to take that full spectrum view in casual communications as well. What does your conversation partner think is important? What issues are they facing that may color how they hear you? What focus do they wish you would take? Have you actually listened to their words?

Taking this into account will help you hone your message – both formal and casual – to be ultimately more effective. Want to learn more? I invite you to download the ebook: 3 Magic Questions. Getting more effective in every conversation, every tweet, every Facebook update and every text can be as easy as 1-2-3.



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