About BeClear101

After spending decades working with innovators, start-up captains, small business influencers and big named brands, we’ve identified how to present complex ideas in very simple-to-understand ways.

We also noted many parallels in how we, as professionals plan and carry out effective communications programs and those same skills are necessary in our everyday family, social and working lives.

Our goal is to transfer these skills to as many people as we can!



About Jeanne

Jeanne spent her career helping to hone expertise in communications. Working with businesses — big and small — she has led programs for big named brands like Dolby, Visa and Philips as well as worked with some of the most innovative start-ups and  community organizations in Silicon Valley and community non-profits in the  San Francisco Bay Area.

Today, Jeanne works with individuals and small businesses to tell their most compelling stories – in the media, with customers and among their colleagues. Currently, she works as a business coach helping business leaders tell their stories — in traditional media, social and online media.

At BeClear101, she is working to apply strategic communications skills to assist in everyday living.

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